I’ve had this conversation so many times.

First male character. Will there be more? I don’t know. D:

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Hey dudes! :D

I needs to pay rent and stuff and it would be totes cool if I could continue to work full time on my project and not need to go get another job…

So if you guys wanna help out, would you take a look at the sexy prints I am selling here, and at my commissions page here? :)

Or maybe just share this post if you want to. That would make me really happy.

Thanks <3

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I was going to do a copy the screen exercise thing, but then I ignored the screen. A little. A lot.


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Can’t move, help!

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100 followers and 500 posts! Guys, I feel like we should celebrate.

Here’s a little present for all of you cutiepants.


And you even get a making-of-video. <3 Here.

Thank you so much for coming to my blog and deciding to stay. I hope you enjoy my work. :)

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saraechoes replied to your post “I don’t know. I like Autumn.”

Wow. Relly nice Bubble <33

Thank you Corezinha! <3


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I don’t know. I like Autumn.

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saraechoes replied to your post “How do you get anything done, when there’s a cute puppy sleeping next…”

You don’t. You just don’t. Your soul is now his, or hers.

This is 1000% true. He has now woken up and is playing with his toys. Keeps distracting me with his adorableness. T_T

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How do you get anything done, when there’s a cute puppy sleeping next to you?

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Who knows?

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We have a puppy! <3 

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Looks great :3c And welcome back!

Thank you, friend! <3

I misses you!

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